Greatest SPAM ever

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

This just arrived in my Inbox. Probably one of the most amazing emails I’ve every received. Mind-bending in so many ways. For the purposes of my, and your, enjoyment, I’ve left spelling errors intact, along with errors in basic common-sense and logic.

1. Do you have relationship problems: are you a Man/Woman that can’t get the right partner? Are you single looking to get married? Are you having spiritual problems, are you a Man/Woman who have under water spiritual partner preventing you from getting a peaceful marriage life? Is your marriage shaking? We do council house of prayers is your solution.
2. Is your business not moving in the right direction?, you are not receiving enough clients? Do you want your business to grow, our God does not sleep we wake him up to grow your business.
3. Are you into politics we can back you up with prayers you will be in the position you want like Osama is to America we make impossible possible. Are you into entertainment Industries? Whatever jobs you are doing we can be your prayer warrior so that you can attain your managerial/director position. Is your job shaking? You need to secure your job we can handle that for you too
4. Do you have any illness you want our God to heal for you? For example there was a girl in third world nation that was HIV positive ,she went for 1st text it was positive after we put her on prayer on her 2nd /3rd text our God perform a miracle on the girl HIV was not to be found in our system anymore AMEN! The same God that answers hers will answer yours. A child in UK breathing was block after prayers our God miracle open his breathing
And he is well in God name.
5. Are you having any type of spiritual attacks? We will return any spiritual attacks back to sender.
6. Is your travel document been delay at the home office we can pray to speed the process and you receive it on time. The last testimony was completed in UK 11months/
America 16months. Is your family abroad they don’t have travel document we can advise and pray for them to have it.
7. Deliverance we will pray and deliver you from all demonic attacks and give you spiritual bathing.
Whatever you need to be prayer battle for let us know as we will do it for you. WE BELIEF IN MIRACLE IT HAPPEN EVERYDAY with our prayers.


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